Saturday, November 7, 2009

Something smells funny

After posting the last blog I started thinking about the 100% detection test results by Norton on the Dennis Labs test. While I agree they are unbelievable, they are not impossible specially when you consider that only 40 samples were tested.

But whats impossible is the test results from Av-Comparatives, one of the two premier testing houses in the world. In there most recent test in August 2009, with 1.56 million samples ( , the top two spots were

GData - 99.8% detection
Avira - 99.4% detection

Seriously, 99.8% detection on such a large sample set. Thats what I call Impossible. Something smells funny. Specially considering that every day there are 30,000 new pieces of malware how in the world is GData and Avira able to detect such a high percentage.

I think this whole arrangement between AV-Test, Av-Comparatives and these AV Companies needs to be investigated. I for one do not trust them.

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