Friday, November 6, 2009

Norton invents the Green/Yellow/Red moniker

Prior to 2004, all Internet Security products had a fairly static user-interface which never changed colors. Norton realized that customers were doing crazy things like disabling the real-time scanner, letting their subscription run out, disabling the firewall or the Intrusion Prevention System which were causing them to get infected. This required some attention, and what better way to get the user's attention than to change the color of the main screen from Green (Normal) to Yellow or even Red as required.

Also notice the System Status area saying "OK" that gives the user the assurance that all systems are GO

Needless to say, competitors followed suite, and the very next year, everybody had the Green/Red and Yellow.

Sometimes I wonder if other companies employ anyone that specializes in user-interface design ? or do they just ape Norton. You decide.

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