Thursday, December 3, 2009

PrevX cries Wolf, aims its guns at Wolf and then shoots itself in the foot

PrevX recently released a press release blaming Microsoft for a black screen that its customers were seen after an update for Microsoft Windows. The original blog article is here.

PrevX here is a tip. Learn from Norton and the other big boys. You never throw shit up in the air without doing your homework. Because if you dont, it going to come right back down and hit you smack in the face. And most of all, you dont mess with a company like Microsoft that probably spends more on quality assurance on a single patch than PrevX spends in 2 years.

I wondered at the time as other did why PrevX customers were the only ones seeing this problem. Did anyone smell a rat. And then PrevX releases a patch that "fixes the problem", not "works around Microsoft's bug". By then, we should have realized that the cat was out of the bag. That PrevX had screwed something up.

And sure enough, a few days later, PrevX recanted and posted this on their blog.

PrevX, you may want to grow up so that some day you will at least 10% of great companies like Norton

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