Friday, December 18, 2009

DennisLabs Test results corroborated by & Av-Comparatives

If you follow reviews of Internet Security products, you have no doubt heard about the backlash following the recent Dennis Labs test. Dennis Labs, an up and coming testing housing in the UK did a real-world test of internet security products which Symantec sponsored and they found Norton Internet Security 2010 to detect 100% of all attacks they threw at it. Needless to say, the community was outraged, claiming that Symantec influenced the test by paying for it, and that Dennis Labs was not skilled enough to do such a test. This was despite the fact that Simon Edwards has long been recognized by industry insiders as an accomplished security expert. See his blog here I think its safe to say that the review was summarily dismissed by everyone that either competes with or has a bone to pick with Symantec.

However, as I expected, a few months later, we see an identical test result from two of the premier test houses in the world: and AV-Comparatives.

Norton won both those tests!!

That should serve as a good kick in the nads for all the Norton naysayers and especially is a slap in the face for Avast whose CEO posted this blog dismissing the Dennis Labs test on grounds of trivialities like poor website design! Hey Avast, when is your next milestone False Positive - 100 million FPs for 100 million customers.


Anti_zombini said...

Hi zombini, glad to see you have something new to write about. It's a shame you only got to update kasperskysucks blog once in 6 months isn't it, proving a bit less popular than symantecsucks :-)

OkiNava said...

Btw.. Who the f**k is zombini ? And whats with the link to wilders ?